A company of thieves run by Washington to steal Syrian oil

Theft of the assets of the Syrian people and the plunder of their wealth was and still is a major goal of the United States in Syria, as it continued its hostile approach by supporting terrorism in it with an agreement between it and the (SDF) militia to loot Syrian oil in a described and declared crime that violates the rules of international law.

The administration of the US President (Donald Trump) has worked for years on the scheme to plunder the Syrian oil, which was finally embodied through the agreement between Washington and the (SDF) militia, where sources familiar with the illegal agreement revealed to (CNN), that the agreement gives an American oil company called ( Delta Crescent Energy), which was created to implement the American plan, wide powers to seize half of the Syrian oil fields and invest in them.

(James Kane), one of the founders of the American company and former Washington ambassador to Denmark, said after the agreement, “We have been authorized by the agreement to participate in all aspects of energy development, transportation, marketing, refining and exploration in order to develop and redevelop the infrastructure in this region.”

According to the American News Network, Kane’s two partners in this scheme are (James Rees) a retired US military in the (Delta) force who ran a private security company, and (John Durrer), an oil executive with years of experience working in the Middle East.

The sources told CNN, “The trio formed the new company for the sole purpose of securing this deal in Syria and has worked extensively with US State Department officials for more than a year.”

The agreement between the (SDF) militia and the American company can be described simply as a continuation of Washington’s violations of the rules of international law, as the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed that the Syrian

oil theft agreement is a continuation of Washington’s violations of the rules of international law and Syria’s sovereignty over its lands, explaining that the Americans are not limited to their illegal occupation of areas in Syria, but they also participate in theft and plundering of its natural resources and trading in them, knowing that these resources belong to the entire Syrian people.

Although the US State Department and the Pentagon have officially sought to distance themselves from the scheme, the sources confirmed that the US State Department was active in achieving the deal, as Secretary of State (Mike Pompeo) confirmed for the first time the deal in response to a question from Republican Senator (Lindsey Graham) During a hearing in Congress, he said, “The deal took a little longer than we had hoped and we are now in the implementation stage … and it could be very strong.”

An official source in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates described in a statement to SANA recently the agreement as a deal between thieves who steal and thieves who buy, stressing that this agreement is null and void and has no legal effect, warning that such despicable acts express the pattern and approach of puppet militias that have agreed to themselves to be a cheap puppet in the hands of the American occupation.

  • Source: SANA , Basemah Kanoon

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