Europa Stabs Mother Syria… Syria, the Great Spirit and the Crux of all Civilizations

The Oedipus Complex is an attempt for interpreting the child-parent conflict, as the son, Oedipus, kills his father and marries his mother, and once he realizes what he has committed, he gouges his eyes out in remorse as revenge against himself.

Similarly, will another, yet deeper, psychological complex, named the Syria-Europe complex, be also solved?

The myth seems to be almost materializing into reality, and the destiny seem to be resurrecting the myth in the story of a mother called Syria who begets Europe, from her own womb.

However, that daughter is kidnapped and grows up in the lap of her kidnappers, Zionism and the West, to ultimately turn around and stab her mother Syria.

Europe knows not that her name was given to her by Syria; when Zeus, the Greek ruler of all gods fell in love with the Syrian princess “Europa” and abducted her, whisking her off to Greece, and that this was the story of how the continent took its name.

Today, the €2 coin carries an engraved image of that Syrian princess “Europa”, nevertheless, Europe is fighting Syria today unaware that she is fighting her mother and trying to kill her for a wicked witch called Israel.

Will that day come when Europe realizes the sins she committed against her mother? Will she let an immoral criminal like Erdogan keep looting her mothers’ resources, warmth, water, shelter and even children? And when that happens, will it gouge her eyes out and take revenge against herself?

These facts fell on the ears of the Security Council representatives, revealed by Dr.

Bashar Al Ja’afari who disgraces the savage and barbarian behavior on the part of Europe and the west about the humanitarian cause in Syria.

 They were even shocked to hear that the original name of Deir Ezzor city is “Dura-Europos”, a very familiar name to the European intellectuals, who remained silent against all the American-backed destruction brought by ISIS against the city.

The city that was demolished by the US bombing without any consideration to its historical status.

Syria will never die, in spite of all the stabs by her daughter and her unfair children who shoved their daggers in her body just to please the murderers; Erdogan and Israel.

She is Phoenix bird reborn from ashes, and she is the great spirit of all civilizations.

By : (Naram Sarjoun)

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