Biblical and Hebrew Dreams, Instruments of Earth and Heaven

Believe in a myth and you will live in a myth, and be killed by your myth. The Jews, as a group of people, live in such myth that they are God’s chosen people that have been bestowed as a gift to the earth.

However, this myth discloses the fragility of the mentality that, among all peoples and creatures on earth, is characterized by the particularity of being unable to feel the ownership and natural belonging to the land except with the existence of paper instruments.

All peoples on earth own land and geography without any divine promise or instrument, except God’s chosen people who seized the lands of Canaan and tried to justify this ownership through a divine instrument which they called the promise or the gift of God.

Therefore, they lost the land as soon as they lost the battle with the neighboring peoples, and they did not act as a people who have a deep-rooted ownership and genuine belonging.

Furthermore, even when the Modern Hebrew State Project was launched, this state waited for a new human instrument, and that was Balfour Declaration.

Moreover, in the issue of Jerusalem, the Hebrew mind cannot feel that it owns the city even though they live inside it and act as the owner, rather they need to have a signature over what they own, so that Trump comes and grants a valueless paper to confirm their ownership.

Today, the Hebrew are seeking false witnesses to sign new instruments regarding their ownership of the land.

This insistence on ownership with bonds that come from heaven and earth indicates that the faith in this ownership is shaken, as nations are not real estates, but rather soil and belonging, in which the real instrument is man himself, the trees he planted, his forefathers who are buried there, and the traces of his many cities and civilizations, and everything otherwise is mere words on paper.

The Israeli illusion is developing into thinking that the ownership of Palestine is granted by signatures from subordinate oil-producing states that act like puppets in their masters’ hands.

The biggest illusion that the Israelis live in is that they are an innovative and creative force and that they are one of the drivers of the world and civilization.

Yet the truth is that Israel is a very parasitic being that depends on the West, and it will die if the arteries linking it with the West are cut off.

Therefore, we must laugh if we hear Netanyahu bragging and saying that Israel is one of the most important countries in the world in terms of production and corporate contributions.

These companies that Netanyahu brags about do not need Israel, but rather give charity to Israel and turns it into an exclusive agent in the Middle East, and this agent is asking the West to open up the Arab Gulf and Middle Eastern markets for him in order to implement his work.

Israel needs all this global and cultural presence to support its existence and survival, and this is the truth of Israel.

You can notice that most of those who won Nobel Prizes or excelled in one of the fields of human activity, even football, are pushed to visit Israel.

Similarly, the awards of the (Jewish Alfred Nobel) are devoted to focusing on people who accept the idea of ​​Jewish superiority or accept their theft of the land of Palestine.

This concern to grovel with humiliation to Israel as a condition of success and reward indicates that Israel is trying to consolidate the idea of ​​survival by fixing itself with nails and names.

The obsession of demise always pursues Israel as it tries to push its anxiety away and adhere to staying through instruments and agreements, so, it does not have faith in this survival and needs to remind the world about itself and remind it that it exists only through these policies.

No one in the world gave Israel its true definition like Sayyed Hassan Nasrullah who said that it is an army for which a state has been established.

However, there is no entity in the world surrounded by such great deal of illusions and myths like Israel, which lives on instruments, treaties and agreements.

Just as it came into existence with a promise, it will disappear with a stroke of a pen if the scales of the world fluctuate.

Yet, it is the great deal of illusions in which the people of the East live thinking that Israel is a big actor and a state that controls America and Europe.

In fact, it is a mere functional state that has a mission, and its existence will end with the end of this mission.

I think Sayyed Hassan Nasrullah has seen nothing but the truth that he will witness the entering to Jerusalem, and we do not want any instrument or any decree from anyone.

We will enter our home, so, do we need an instrument or permission to enter our home??

By : (Naram Sargon)

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