Members lost in confusion and overthinking while sewing stories about chemical weapon… from the Security Council and the education of lies

What is striking about the Syrian chemical file is that it is an endless file ..

After (84) formal sessions in the Security Council and dozens of other unofficial ones, the Security Council is not convinced and does not want to be convinced that the story of chemical weapons has become boring and tasteless .. Even the council seats are tired of this repeated non sense.

We fear that the search for it will continue and become like Descartes’s saying (I think, therefore, I exist) to become (I am looking into the Syrian chemical file, then I exist) ..

Rather, we fear that we will reach the Day of Resurrection and the Western delegates will take the Syrian chemical file with them to complete it in the hell alongside the demons ..

Western members create every day a method, occasion, memory, anxiety, and doubts about chemical weapons, and they imagine and wonder while they are baffled, Where does Syria hide its chemical weapons ?? This type of allegation is caused by a deep desire to lie ..

They reject the testimony of any honest expert, scientist and investigator .. Lying is part of the Western political culture .. All that this political school produces is to educate lying .. that is, to make lying a culture in society, governance and elections… Electoral campaigns are campaigns for lies … and the news published in the media are all lies and are manipulated to achieve economic, commercial and political ends .. because Western policy is built on lying .. therefore, do not expect that the Syrian chemical file will end, but rather it will be inherited and will be taught in school books, it will replace Shakespeare’s poems and Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables.

Although all the accredited and trusted experts in the world say that Syria has become free of chemical weapons and no longer bothered with the chemical game and left it and chose a different way to balance with the Israeli enemy… I listened to many of the interventions of the permanent Syrian representative in the Security Council, but this intervention I consider it a fierce counter-attack full of self-confidence and full of ridicule from Western members as they think, wonder and imagine in madness of things and things .. It is no longer lacking except for the Syrian delegate to stand up and stop wasting his time with these hypocrites and put for the audience Abdel Halim Hafez’s song (who is my beloved) before he leaves .. This is a song befitting the members of the Security Council with some necessary adjustments in the lyrics to be (Council members are confused … thinking … madly asking ..where is the chemical weapon? Meditating.. imaginig..names ad names.. things ad things…where might the chemical weapons be!)

The truth is that listening to an honest song is more useful than listening to the symphony of Western lies or to  the culture of lies and educating lies .. If the Western members are not convinced the next time, then perhaps Haifa Wehbe’s song “Bosu Al-Wawa\ kiss the wound” will suit them .. They may find a chemical weapon in it ..

The following is the statement of Ambassador (Dr. Bashar Al-Jaafari), Permanent Representative of the Syrian Arab Republic to the Security Council on the chemical file – New York on October 5, 2020: Mr. President, I thank you for holding this open session on the so-called “chemical file” and we agree with you in what you said A few days ago, in terms of the fact that we have nothing to hide or fear in this context, and that we have a lot of information and facts related to this file and that the public must be given an opportunity to look at it away from the hostile and biased view and the lies promoted by some Western countries and their media.

I also reiterate to you my country’s support for the Russian Federation in the face of Western allegations regarding the so-called (Navalny) case and before him (Scribal).

Mr. President, with the kind initiative of the permanent delegations of the Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China, on September 28, 2020, the Security Council held an informal session according to the ARIA formula on “Implementation of Resolution 2118 and the Role of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons”.

This session represented a very important opportunity to hear testimonies and briefings from experts in related fields, including Mr. (Ian Henderson), one of the most experienced inspectors of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons who worked in that organization for more than twelve years, and was the leader of the team that participated in the investigation In the Douma incident, he visited Syria as part of the missions of the prohibition organization many times, and Professor (Theodore Postol), emeritus professor of science, technology and international security at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

And Mr. (Aaron Matte), an independent journalist and contributor to (The Grayzone and The Nation newspaper), the documented and important scientific information and briefings provided by these experts demonstrated the extent of the extreme politicization imposed by some Western governments on the work of the ban organization to use it as a platform for fabricating accusations and then To justify the aggression against Syria unilaterally or three times at other times, and to complete what they were unable to achieve through their investment in terrorism and their unlimited and multiform support for this terrorism, and an attempt to suffocate the Syrian people with unilateral coercive measures that they like to call “sanctions”.

Of course, as the well-known proverb says: “You can take a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink. Representatives of some Western governments have deafened their ears to scientific facts that do not accept doubt only because they are concerned, in principle, with their hostile stances towards my country and they seek to cover up the crimes of terrorist organizations and their use of chemical weapons and poisonous gases against civilians. They also refuse to acknowledge the established truth confirmed by Mrs.

Sigrid Kaag, Head of the Joint Mission to Eliminate Chemical Weapons in Syria, in her briefing to the Security Council in June 2014, when she came to this very Council and presented her final report in which she affirmed that Syria has committed and fulfilled all its pledges which resulted in the destruction of the entire chemical stockpile on board the USS (MV-Ray) and others.

The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) also confirmed that all 27 production facilities have been destroyed, and therefore Syria has abided by its obligations in letter and spirit and no longer possesses any chemical weapons.

This is the constant truth that should be based on, and not the question that my colleague, the French ambassador, asked when he said where the chemical weapons that are used in Syria come from, and it is a valid question in terms of form, and the answer is simple, which is that we have sent more than / 200 / letters to the Security Council for years, and since the first use of chemical weapons against members of the Syrian Arab Army in the town of Khan al-Asal in the countryside of Aleppo in March 2013, it has been full of detailed information about the parties that smuggle chemical materials into my country and put them at the service of terrorist groups in Idlib and elsewhere. Of course, most of these chemical smugglers, Your Excellency, the Ambassador of France, are Western intelligence services – including French intelligence – that work with terrorist organizations operating in my country. But it seems that someone does not want to read.

It is unfortunate that some Western delegations in that meeting used the most bitter descriptions and ugliest words in their attack on distinguished scholars who tried to help this council reach the truth, and some of the interventions went beyond the limits of decency and speech used in human discourse because these people do not want the truth but want to continue Investing in terrorism, disinformation and aggression.

Mr. President, It is also regrettable that the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, which won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2013 in recognition of its work in eliminating chemical weapons, including helping the Syrian government get rid of its chemical weapons stockpiles, has turned into a mere tool in the hands of a handful of Western countries to target specific countries, including my country, which makes this organization lose much of its credibility, professionalism and technical character and pushes us as member states to work to re-correct the course of that organization to fulfill the role hoped for.

The activities of the prohibition organization related to my country and many of its reports have shown that imaginative miracles are still possible and can be manufactured in the organization’s laboratories in The Hague and in some Western intelligence centers and used to target member states of the United Nations, as was the case in Iraq, which the US administration then based on lies that propagated It has the same in this council for its invasion, occupation and plundering of its wealth and capabilities.

Have you forgotten that? Will you allow similar lies to be passed on to justify targeting and destroying my country and other countries as some have destroyed Libya? Will you allow the facts to be buried in the basements of the United Nations in boxes that do not open sixty years ago, as was the case with the documents of the (UNMOVIC and UNSCOM) mission and reports (Hans Blix and Scott Ritter) in Iraq, thus ensuring that two connected generations of humanity are not informed of the facts related to the American-British invasion To Iraq?

Who knows, perhaps some may repeat the assassination of the British expert in biological weapons, David Kelly, who was one of the United Nations inspectors in Iraq and was killed and claimed that he committed suicide after he told the British BBC that his country’s government exaggerated talking about Iraq’s military capabilities and the danger of its biological weapons to convince the British people of the necessity to wage war on Iraq.

We call on all member states of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons to raise their voice against the politicization of the organization’s mission and work to address the politicization and serious defects in its work that undermine the status and credibility of the organization, and we also call on the Director-General of the Organization to address the existing violations and seek to correct the defect instead of yielding to Western pressure and implementing the agendas of governments want to keep the so-called “chemical file” as a pressure card on the Syrian government and its allies.

Mr. President, My country has confirmed that it has not and will not use chemical weapons, and that it is committed to cooperating with the ban organization, its technical secretariat and the preliminary declaration evaluation team to settle the outstanding issues in order to allow this file to be closed permanently as soon as possible.

For this purpose, on 16/9/2020, my country submitted its monthly report / 82 / to the Technical Secretariat on activities related to the destruction of chemical weapons, and the tripartite cooperation agreement between the Syrian government, the United Nations and the ban organization was extended for a period of six months, effective 9/30/2020.

During the period between (9/28/2020) and (1/10/2020), the 23 round of consultations was held between the Syrian government and the declaration evaluation team that recently visited Damascus and implemented its program through the assistance provided by the Syrian government.

This Syrian cooperation has been met with the Western countries’ continuing escalation by promoting illegal mechanisms that were passed in violation of the law and the provisions of the ban agreement such as the “Investigation and Identification Team” (ITT) and the American administration’s submission of a draft escalatory resolution in this council aimed at marketing lies and imposing them by pressure and threat.

This confirms the endeavor of some Western countries to use this platform to serve their expansionist and aggressive agendas, and again exposes the duplicity with which the US administration deals with the issue of chemical weapons, especially since it is the only country party to the Chemical Weapons Convention that still possesses huge stockpiles of these weapons since World War II and refuses to destroy it.

What adds to the hypocrisy of this scandal is that the successive American administrations and their allies in NATO do not come from near or far to mention the nuclear, chemical and biological arsenal Israel possesses and that it remains so far outside the relevant international agreements, which threatens peace and security in our region and the world at large.

In conclusion, Mr. President, fellow ambassadors of Western countries insist on undermining the memory of the beautiful era of literature in their countries (Jane Austen, Shakespeare, Voltaire, Flaubert, Goethe, Brecht, Hemingway and Mark Twain), and replacing this immortal human literature with a new color that is lying literature, where we have heard deceptive readings full of lies It is suitable to be a yellow novel that is intellectually unbalanced due to its impact on the atmosphere of the Corona epidemic that is controlling the balance of humanity these days.

I will not comment on the false accusations reported by some western colleagues to my country of using chemical weapons, I will only remind them that their countries have used chemical, biological and nuclear weapons, and they possess arsenals of these weapons that are sufficient to destroy the planets of the entire solar system, and which impose unilateral coercive economic measures on the Syrian people and many others, it is the one that impedes the reconstruction of what has been destroyed by terrorism in my country, and it is the one that created al-Qaeda and ISIS and employed the Islamist currents, not the Islamic ones, the merchants of religion to implement agendas of clash of civilizations, cultures and religions, which destroyed Iraq and Libya and spread the culture of siege, conquest, threats, slavery and occupation.

Whoever is afraid of inviting the first director of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons to testify before the Council today is only afraid of presenting the facts, exposing misinformation, deception and tampering with the mechanisms of the Security Council and the Organization of the Ban, all of this to discredit my country and the reputation of the Russian presidency and to prevent the closure of this file, which is seven years old and organized by the Council About it / 84 / formal session in addition to other informal sessions.

Thank you, Mr. President.

By : (Naram Sargon)

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