What is the Difference between Coronavirus and the Israeli Mind? With or Without Coronavirus … Israel is Israel

The Arab mind has been very often treated as the person who we get angry with, accuse, punish, and take to the investigation room over and over again, and we force him to write his autobiography, the names he knows and the names he does not know.

However, it is now necessary to treat the Jewish mind as the person, who must be taken to the investigation room to be questioned and accused of being a wicked, fraudulent, and pretentious genius, while he is stupid and naive because he only wants to understand what the Talmud says.

I do not know if Coronavirus has a mind that plans to attack humans in a well-considered way in terms of timing and transmission, but what I know is that the Israeli mind does not exceed the capabilities of the “coronavirus’ mind”.

How ridiculous he who promoted for the genius of the Jewish mind!! This is due to the stupidity of the Jewish mind, which insists that it can continue its game indefinitely, despite the fact that its prolonged temporary presence and maneuvers on the ground can only be achieved by the factor of Western and Arab support; as the existence of Israel is in the interest of Europe and the Arab royal families.

The weakening of these two pillars will make the geography; the history and time turn a deaf ear to the sounds of the collapse of temples and their stones in Palestine and make the diaspora of Israel like the diaspora of Coronavirus from China to America.

The Israelis call us for peace and security on every occasion in which they address the world and complain about our aggression against them.

They want to keep the land, Jerusalem, and the motto that says “The State of Israel from the Euphrates to the Nile”.

They call us to push the Iranians, the Russians, Hezbollah and our allies away from our land, for their sake; to weaken or abolish our army; and to teach our children the Torah.

In a very sensitive international moment, when the world is joining together – even if in theory and out of modesty – to face a global epidemic against human beings, Israel is odd in terms of its aggressive and savage behavior, which does not change whether with or without Coronavirus; Israel bombs Syrian sites and engages with the Syrian air defenses.

There is no difference between the Coronavirus and the Israeli mind. Wherever the opportunity arises, the Coronavirus will enter your lungs and damage your heart; there is no goodwill and initiatives to show goodwill.

Like Coronavirus, if an Israeli sees you trapped under rubble in an earthquake or drowning in a tsunami, then they will not help you; but rather they would slaughter you while you are trapped under rubble or throw heavyweights to you to drown quickly.

Is there a stupider mind than the Israeli mind which thinks that the indigenous people of the region are the Israelis?! Moreover, it believes that God created the Israelis alone and distinguished them from other people and gave them what He does not give others.

However, we do not know why God created the rest of mankind if He loved only His chosen people?!!

Are there dumber people than the Israelis who imagine that the game of time that was against them for five thousand years will go in their favor for five thousand years, especially that the game of demography goes against their interests ?

The Israelis are striving to understand why we reject them and insist on removing them from the east and returning them to their diaspora, despite all the cries of the Holocaust that we have nothing to do with.

For forty years, the East has been offering peace treaties, initiatives, and concessions until the Palestinians have given up (80%) of their land by Oslo Accords, yet the Israelis do not accept to give up one inch of the promised land.

The Israelis’ minds still do not understand that they cannot remain in Palestine because they are programmed in a way that they do not rest unless everything around them is dead, and for the sake of this goal, they will risk their lives and enter into war after war; this is a manifestation of mental breakdown in the Israeli character.

Just as the idea of pure race and Jewish religious serenity will eventually lead to the atrophy of the biological power of Jews as a race or as a religious group not mixed with other “evil races of the goyim”, the conviction that the other must die is a path to death by war.

Biological insularity and isolation is a method of species suicide and quantitative deterioration.

This is evident in the widespread prevalence of infertility among the Jews and the difficulty in fetal fertilization at infertility treatment centers due to the weak biological diversity that caused fertility decline.

This biological insularity and isolation caused by mental block will not help them to survive in light of the biological variables.

Insisting on the idea that self-existence can only be achieved with the death of the other would lead to the destruction of Israel.

Therefore, Hatred will permeate in Israel to a great extent.

As a result, hatred and the surroundings will destroy Israel without mercy.

In short, there is no difference between the Israeli mind and Coronavirus; they both are harmful and behave with opportunism, but they will come to an end sooner or later.

By “Naram Sarjoun”


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